The KNICE artist for the month of FEBRUARY is none other than Raul Gonzalez of ULTRA VIOLET SOCIAL CLUB This man is a talented genius, a good friend, and a GREAT business man. His work is coveted by some of the largest clothing lines in the game, but due to contracts, I can’t disclose his clientele list. Lets just say he has the Midas touch, because the last two designers that he has blessed with his gift have both skyrocketed to the multi-million dollar sales range…seriously! So I sat down and asked him a few questions…

So whats your story?

“I was born in Lynnwood, CA but spent a lot of my childhood living in El Paso, TX then moved back to Los Angeles in my teen years.”

Being that I’m from TX, I have to ask. How was TEXAS living?

“Well living in El Paso was cool; it’s where I first got inspired to be a Graff writer. I would see these ill bombs in random places, and I was like YO I can do that…been writing ever since!”

So tell me a bit about why you started the ULTRA VIOLET SOCIAL CLUB.

“In a nutshell, Ultra Violet Social Club was formed when founding members realized there was a need for a facility to house the crew. A place where we could socialize and work while letting our creative juices flow.”

That is exactly how I felt when I first started hanging out with you guys…all this positive energy constantly in one place. You can’t help but be inspired to push yourself forward creatively!

“Yeah, our members are on a whole new plain of consciousness when it comes to creativity and open mindedness in an Ultra Violet world.”

Well Bro, lets get back to doing what we do best…creating and inspiring others to do so!
_Talib said it best; “now-a-days working a nine to five is like hustling backwards”

Couldn’t have said it better myself…