So the Artist Colaboration for the month of JANUARY is RAMSEY DAU; an amazing soft spoken renaissance man that is no stranger to cycling and SOCAL sports in general. As I walk into his work space, I quickly see bike racks, surf boards, and snowboards…and a WALL of Vinyl that would make any DJ drop a deuce. A home-body these days, Ramsey has shifted away from the LA night life to focus more on his gift. The COMFY CHAIR CREATIVE SUPER STORE is his art space, filled with amazing pieces of art in progress and cool artistic accessories like custom art covered notepads (on sale NOW!).

Ramsey Dau (b. 1970) is a Los Angeles-based artist and designer. He describes his creative process as “editing” – taking the things that resonate with him, both positively and negatively, storing them in his brain, on post-its, and in notebooks, until they one day join together and come out on canvas or paper. Graphic design, typography and political commentary play large rolls in his work, and he is heavily influenced by pop art. Dau is also a contributing editor at Anthem Magazine, a collector of vinyl records, and an enjoyer of books, the outdoors, tuna melts, red curbs, powder days, single-track and south swells.

He is homegrown in Los Angeles since the 70’s and 80’s, and now resides in Silver Lake. He has done sick graphic art colaborations with big names like Volcom, Etnies, Emarica, Vans, and several Magazines Like Anthem and Mass Appeal Mag. I was drawn to his style because their is something perfect and complete about an imperfect image. He really knows how to master a Sketch, seemingly with out effort…a lesson we should all learn when cycling. Mastering a craft while seeming effortless. KNICE CLOTHING Co. is honored to present two of our colaboration styles coming JANUARY 5th 2010…

For More info on the Artist click on the picture below:

“I like to see the artist’s hand in the work and sometimes something done too well, just falls flat for me. So that’s something I strive for in my work. I’m a perfectionist, so it can be hard to stay loose.” Ramsey Dau