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May 08 2012




Endo Customs is a small shop specializing in the design and manufacturing of custom cycling apparel.  Thier exposure to the cycling community here in Los Angeles has driven them to create a brand of road wear that not only reflects our city’s style , but its personality as well.

Endo Customs performance apparel is constructed of technical Italian fabrics, designed in the eye of both quality and craftsmanship. 


These guys have been knice enough to be the creators of our custom Where the Hell is Waldo 3 Jerseys!!! CLICK HERE for a sneak peek at our champions jerseys in the making!  Thanks Endo!!!



This company needs no introduction; amazing bags and amazing products.  We've had the pleasure of knowing several of the master minds behind this juggernaut brand in the cycling world.  Keep it local, and keep pushing our culture forward with inovative ideas and support! 


This year, we are proud to be concidered one of the top 200 Alley Kat races in the world to recieve the MOST covetted jerseys in street racing!  Since our race will be in 3 cities in the US this year, we will be recieving 3...yes 3 of these babies! 

Makes me wish I was racing our own race HA!




Since their inseption, we have been a fan of the product.  Originally call Skully Boom; the genius behind the product (CEO, Leif) has been killing it with constant upgrades. 

These little guys pack some serious sound, and definitly has kept our cycling commute a treat with beats. 


We thank you Boombotix for dropping off a few of these for the winners!!!




San Fransisco's finest!!!  Rickshaw bags is hand made and homegrown in the Bay Area.  They have always been a supporter of our crazy shinanigans.  We rock all thier product from cellphone holder to ipad cases.  There's no limits to the cool shit this company continues to create. 

When ever we are in SF for a race, or an expo we definitly head over to the wharehouse headquarters to say whats up. 


Thank you for being awesome, and hope to see some of the team out here in LA racing!!!!




Store13 was founded in 1998 as a Lifestyle Boutique offering brands that influence and inspire.  Headquartered in Pasadena, Store13 brings the trends from LA, SF & NY to their clientele in the San Gabriel Valley.  In addition to the stores in Pasadena & West Covina, has rapidly become a hub for information to events, concerts, shows and nightlife across the southland.

...and personally this store is probably the dopest the to ever touch down in Pasadena...Thank you for the support, and look for some knice clothing upinya shortly!


"Wolfpack Hustle is dedicated to fixed gear, track and road bike culture in Los Angeles, a city currently dominated by the lowly automobile. No we aren’t Olympians or roided-out weekend warrior types… not even close. We are simply here to ride stronger, faster and to assert our rights to these gritty streets." -Road Block-

A good friend, and one of the chillest dudes I've met in many years.  Founder of Wolf Pack Hustle Don "Road Block" has helped mold our beautiful culture as far as SoCal goes.  It's always a pleasure to ride and hustle along side the wolves.  

We are proud to have the true seal of the wolf pack approval with our nutty race!  See you at the Drag Races this summer.

 Thanks Guys!!!!!


 We finally got to meet Andrew "LOW" founder of LOW Bicycles during the Red Bull Ride+Style weekend.  After racing Chris Six's Tic-Tac-Toe race that friday in the mission, we all decided to continue our crazy night over at messenger mansion.  

Needless to say homie is a genius bike builder and an all around awesome dude.  

Andrew Low, a San Francisco native and avid cyclist, grew up with a fascination and aptitude for invention, art, and fabrication. Growing up, he spent most of his time tinkering, drawing, designing, building stuff. The natural progression for this DIY personality evolved into creating a company and product that integrated these skills into his love for biking. 

In 2009, Andrew attended and received certifications from the United Bicycles Institute. The following year he founded Low Bicycles, an aluminum bike frame manufacturer and retailer based out of San Francisco's Mission District.  


Yani Vee, founder of Chosen by Association, an umbrella company that houses brands such as MKTPRICE, Confection Jewels & now UNION Parts & Recreation. Artist, designer, innovator & creative enthusiast.

 Graphic designer by trade, Yani fell into fashion and jewelry design/manufacturing upon moving to Los Angeles back in 2005.

 UNION Parts & Recreation, [UNION the Brand], is well on it's way to becoming a full-on lifestyle brand revolving around enthusiast-themes of all sorts.

 Starting with the fixed gear bike culture was the easiest transition into the brand. Being an enthusiast of not only the sport, but also of the design & aesthetic behind it, made designing the line totally effortless. 


Today's sponsor is brought to you by the letter "C"...for CHUBBY BOOB NERD CREW!  

Most Texas and NY natives might not recognize the movement, but you will!  This crew is like the Wu-tang clan meets Dungeon Fam on the WEST.  Nerd Crew is Fam and we are excited to bring some CBNC gear to your door step...

Check for em, and race to get em!  See you soon...


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