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May 14 2011

WW2 pix!


 First I want to thank everyone for making this a great 2nd annual race and after party!  It takes alot to put these on, and we love doing it for the community!  Thank you LAB, Bolt Barbers, Palm Cycles, El Maestro's, O20, and Flying Pigeon for supporting and hosting the checkpoints.

Our Knice rider and homie Diego for holding it down at the check point, even with a screwed up arm.


1st Place Road was JON BUDINOFF

1st Fix (and the guy came outta no where and is killing everyone's races this summer) PEANUT

pic coming soon...

2nd Place fix the homie LEOOONNNN

pick coming soon...

Custom Waldo Chick painted by JAMES HAUNT you should see the finished piece!



had to have everyone back up a bit for this...she was drunk and blindfolded with a Ulock in her hand lol

See you next year!




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