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Nov 26 2010

V.C.R. Thanksgiving Race 3



This race wa hosted by Mr. Hern all the way out in Venice, and it was a 5 checkpoint donation race. 

This was the third annual charity race, so win or lose, we all where winners.  You have to hit 3 out of the 5 check point minimum, and the point system was based on speed, most weight, and most points over all. 

 I will say It did get a bit confusing with the point system, because some guys only hit 1 store but some how was still in the running for prizes?

Well KNICE hit all 3 checkpoints and came home with a 1st place win of fastest time!! I really wanted to Benny Gold rims...but we won't talk about that lol.


To check out the race results CLICK HERE


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