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Dec 03 2009

Artist of the Month-Series



The artists for the month of APRIL are two amazingly talented guys that I had the honor of working with. I first met them as a fellow vendor at Bike Day LA, and I we respected each others work from the jumpstart. We pushed out the DUMPSTER DIVER print, and I fell in love with a multi-biked poster they did so we decided to do a reprint on a shirt…came out amazing by the way! ON SALE NOW!!!
Two Rabbits Studios, in short, is a graphic design and print studio. Run by two local artists, Bob Motown and Mike Thacker#, they have been steadily pumping out posters, prints and art since late 2007. Two Rabbits Studios specializes in fine art printing, graphic design, and illustration. Their passion is to produce eye-popping visual treats that almost everyone can enjoy.

Making a name for themselves in the concert poster world has been no problem for these two outgoing individuals. Utilizing their dynamic personalities and unique design methods, they have won the hearts and eyes of hundreds of people all across the country. Active participants in the growing craft fair scene, they do a fair amount of traveling. Never failing to bring good times and great art everywhere they visit.

With over 150 prints under their belts in just 2 years, they show no signs of stopping, but prints aren’t all these rabbits are good at. They have curated art shows, coordinated events, designed many different products, and constantly work collaboratively with a large number of artists.

After starting out in the back yard, Two Rabbits has come leaps and bounds. Now residing in large warehouse in Downtown LA with a small collection of other prominent artists/companies, there seems to be no limit to what they can do. Constantly on the go, whether designing an eye catching graphic, or printing an awe-inspiring poster, Two Rabbits Studios has the right stuff to get the job done, and make it fun.



The KNICE artist for the month of FEBRUARY is none other than Raul Gonzalez of ULTRA VIOLET SOCIAL CLUB This man is a talented genius, a good friend, and a GREAT business man. His work is coveted by some of the largest clothing lines in the game, but due to contracts, I can’t disclose his clientele list. Lets just say he has the Midas touch, because the last two designers that he has blessed with his gift have both skyrocketed to the multi-million dollar sales range…seriously! So I sat down and asked him a few questions…

So whats your story?

“I was born in Lynnwood, CA but spent a lot of my childhood living in El Paso, TX then moved back to Los Angeles in my teen years.”

Being that I’m from TX, I have to ask. How was TEXAS living?

“Well living in El Paso was cool; it’s where I first got inspired to be a Graff writer. I would see these ill bombs in random places, and I was like YO I can do that…been writing ever since!”

So tell me a bit about why you started the ULTRA VIOLET SOCIAL CLUB.

“In a nutshell, Ultra Violet Social Club was formed when founding members realized there was a need for a facility to house the crew. A place where we could socialize and work while letting our creative juices flow.”

That is exactly how I felt when I first started hanging out with you guys…all this positive energy constantly in one place. You can’t help but be inspired to push yourself forward creatively!

“Yeah, our members are on a whole new plain of consciousness when it comes to creativity and open mindedness in an Ultra Violet world.”

Well Bro, lets get back to doing what we do best…creating and inspiring others to do so!
_Talib said it best; “now-a-days working a nine to five is like hustling backwards”

Couldn’t have said it better myself…


So the Artist Colaboration for the month of JANUARY is RAMSEY DAU; an amazing soft spoken renaissance man that is no stranger to cycling and SOCAL sports in general. As I walk into his work space, I quickly see bike racks, surf boards, and snowboards…and a WALL of Vinyl that would make any DJ drop a deuce. A home-body these days, Ramsey has shifted away from the LA night life to focus more on his gift. The COMFY CHAIR CREATIVE SUPER STORE is his art space, filled with amazing pieces of art in progress and cool artistic accessories like custom art covered notepads (on sale NOW!).

Ramsey Dau (b. 1970) is a Los Angeles-based artist and designer. He describes his creative process as “editing” – taking the things that resonate with him, both positively and negatively, storing them in his brain, on post-its, and in notebooks, until they one day join together and come out on canvas or paper. Graphic design, typography and political commentary play large rolls in his work, and he is heavily influenced by pop art. Dau is also a contributing editor at Anthem Magazine, a collector of vinyl records, and an enjoyer of books, the outdoors, tuna melts, red curbs, powder days, single-track and south swells.

He is homegrown in Los Angeles since the 70’s and 80’s, and now resides in Silver Lake. He has done sick graphic art colaborations with big names like Volcom, Etnies, Emarica, Vans, and several Magazines Like Anthem and Mass Appeal Mag. I was drawn to his style because their is something perfect and complete about an imperfect image. He really knows how to master a Sketch, seemingly with out effort…a lesson we should all learn when cycling. Mastering a craft while seeming effortless. KNICE CLOTHING Co. is honored to present two of our colaboration styles coming JANUARY 5th 2010…

December 3rd 2009
hello friends,

Well I was hoping to keep this a secret until the actual release date on January 1st, but call me the kid that can’t keep a secret! j. knice clothing co. has decided to do a colaboratioins with four different artist for spring. Each of these talented people are well noted artist out of Los Angeles, CA, and I am so honored to work with each one of these fellaz. I will be busy each month hand printing each piece, and they will be for sale starting the 5th of each month from Jan.-April. The first through the 5 will be designated to the pre-orders from the stores as I will only have a limeted amount (like 100 or less) I was lucky enough to actually work on not one, but TWO designs with the ARTIST for JANUARY. Below is the link for the sneak peak at one of the shirt drawings.
All 5 of the shirts in this project will be $35.00, hand printed and done on the finest vintage cotton washes, and bamboo cotton teez. And the actual images, and Artist Bio will be released, as I said, on the 5th of each month. Just wanted to release this as a teaser for the Blogs! Thank you guys for putting me out their and I hope to gain real momentum as the New Year approaches. Many of you have believed in my craft from the beginning and here is just another reaon!!

Ride safe and peace,



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