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Aug 24 2009



Hello all,

This is a shout out to all the rider friends that I have. Its very rare that you can meet a group of guys that are a chill and laid back as you are.
…Well lucky for me, MY FRIENDS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Brian is the coolest vegan dudes on earth and one of the first people that actually inspired me to become a better rider. And he’s alwayz smiling…I wish I didn’t have to drink to smile like that HAHAHAHA

Low Key has the personnality like my brother…super easy to get along with and he is prob. one of the best trick riderz in know.

JP the MC is funny as shit and a very talented MC I might add

Anthony is an all around nice dude…with the sickest custom bike I have ever seen…seriously

Brett reminds me of my friends from college…he wore some small yellow “three’s company” shorts and knee high socks to the bike tour and wrecked…funny as hell!!!!!

After the LA BiKE RACE MAY 25th


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